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Fashion Footprint

It’s very important to all of us here at evans that our goods are produced under fair and acceptable conditions. In order to ensure this, all of our suppliers, manufacturers and anyone else who supplies us with goods must comply with the Arcadia Code of Conduct.

This Code asks that our suppliers provide us with goods that have been produced:

- Lawfully, through fair and honest means
- Without exploiting the workers who make them

- In decent working conditions

- Without damaging the environment

This Code of Conduct is based upon the International Labour Organisations codes and conventions, and we aim to make it fair, achievable, and easy to monitor. Our code means our customers can be confident that goods they purchase from evans have been produced under fair, acceptable and ethical conditions.


Click here to read the Arcadia Group Code of Conduct.

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Our Fashion Footprint programme covers all our social, environmental and community projects.